Pigment Hand

Fytofontana stem cells

The emulsion has an intensive skin renewal effect, furthermore it brightens age spots, regenerates and nourishes the hand skin. Thanks to its valuable ingredients gently softens the skin and protects the hands from drying.

 The combination of the plant extract Boerrhavia diffusa and the biotechnology oligopeptide-34 exerts its brightening effect synergistically through several biochemical processes. The plant oils rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals gently nourish the hand skin, so it becomes silky soft and perfectly hydrated.

The emulsion’s main active ingredient is the TrioStem3 Complex, that positively activates stem cells and renew the skin. 

packaging: 125 ml

active substances: 

TrioStem3 Complex - The emulsion’s main active ingredient contains the exceptional combination of human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract, which activates stem cells and thereby renew the skin.

  • Oligopeptide-34- biotechnology pigment whitening agent. Melanine is produced  in the melanocyte cells through multiple  biochemical processes with the contribution of the enzyme tyrosinase. By blocking the activity of tyrosinase prevents the possibility of pigment formation. Studies indicated that oligopeptide-34 has more intense pigment whitening activity as other cosmetic ingredients , eg. vitamin C and arbutin.
  • Boerhavia diffusa extract: A plant native to the Himalayas, that is rich  in boeravinon, a pigment whitening active ingredient.
    • In vitro studies have shown, that only after nine days, the tyrosinase enzyme required for melanin formation  was reduced by 55%.
    •  Its efficacy is clinically proven. Tests carried out by 20 volunteers reported major reduction in pigmentation. After 56 days, twice a day use the pigmentation caused by sun and aging was reduced by 28%.

Valuable plant substances and vitamins: almond oil (excellent for dry skin), olive oil (softening, nourishing and protective), calendula (anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and skin-soothing), vitamin E (ncreases skin moisture and slows down the aging process)

Liposomic hyaluronic acid Since it has a high water-binding property, it plays an important role in the maintenance of skin moisture. The product contains hyaluronic acid from pure sources, produced via biotechnology. Its penetration into the deeper layer of the skin is ensured by the specific lipids. 


Press the doser gently and squeeze out required amount of emulsion then apply to cleansed skin of your hands and massage into the skin.

Find out the suitable combination of the range Fytofontana Stem Cells from the table explaining the use of the products.