DNA Revital Serum

DNA Revital
Fytofontana stem cells

The serum combines the skin renewal effect of the stem cell substances with the anti wrinkle and DNA repair effects of the peptide based active ingredients. The preparation offers optimum protection against the signs of skin aging, it is recommended for the treatment of tired skin, daily exposed to harmful environmental factors.

DNA Revital protects the DNA from damage on a genetic level, thereby significantly delays the process of skin aging.

Thanks to this product, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, skin elasticity and firmness are improved, while lifeless-looking skin becomes saturated with vitality.

Studies on fibroblast cells demonstrated, that the morphology of the skin cells became 10 years younger due to DNA Revital. 

packing: 30 ml

active substances: 

TrioStem3 Complex - The serum’s main active ingredient contains the exceptional combination of human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract, which activates stem cells and thereby renew the skin.

DNA Revital - works on a similar principle as the self-regenerating processes of the immortal Hydra genus living in the seas. Protects the DNA and cells against UV radiation and pollutants. Reverses the cellular aging- efficiency is supported with in vitro studies performed on fibroblasts, where the morphology of the skin cells showed 10 years of rejuvenation.

Tripeptide 10 Citrulline, Tripeptide-1 and Pseudoalteromonas fermented extract-improve the structure of the collagen fibers and promote their production.

Moisturizing, rejuvenating ingredient- Hexapeptide-37- promotes the production of proteins, that are essential to the transportation of water from cell to cell. Studies have shown that skin hydration compared to the initial state after 8 hours improved by 107.6%.

Liposomic hyaluronic acid Since it has a high water-binding property, it plays an important role in the maintenance of skin moisture. The product contains hyaluronic acid from pure sources, produced via biotechnology. Its penetration into the deeper layer of the skin is ensured by the specific lipids. 


The product can be used both for men and women. Apply with circle massage into clean and dry skin. For optimal results apply the serum twice a day (mornings and evenings).

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