Botu serum

Fytofontana stem cells

Anti- wrinkle serum with stem cells

Due to its exceptional active substance combination, the preparation is recommended for the treatment of mimic wrinkles at the forehead, around lips, nose and among eyebrows. For the reduction of mimic wrinkles, the preparation combines the active substances of stem cells  with intensive anti-wrinkle peptides. These peptides exert their effect similar to botulinum toxin injections, by mitigating facial expression muscles, thereby reducing mimic wrinkles. This product smooths contour  and mimic lines, increases skin resistance, brightens and tightens the skin.

packaging: 30 ml


active substances: 

TrioStem3 Complex  - the serum’s main active ingredient is the TrioStem3 Complex, that contains human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract, which activate stem cells, thereby renew the skin.

Peptides: Acetyl-hexapeptide and heptapeptide reduce expression lines by the inhibition of muscle contraction. Pentapeptide has a similar contribution to the reduction of expression lines.

The following active ingredients are aim to protect and replace the collagen content:
Tripeptide 10 Citrulline, tripeptide-1, Pseudoalteromonas fermented extract improve the structure of the collagen fibers and promote their production.

Hyaluronic acid - since it has a high water-binding property, plays an important role in the maintenance of skin moisture. The product contains hyaluronic acid from pure sources, produced via biotechnology.

DMAE – promotes cell regeneration



The product can be used both for men and women. Circle massage into clean and dry skin. For optimal results apply the serum for countours and lines twice a day (mornings and evenings) for up to 30 days.

Find out the suitable combination of the range Fytofontana Stem Cells from the table explaining the use of the products.