Brand FS

The cosmetic line, Fytofontana Stem Cells, represents the top of science in the world of cosmetics. Thanks to decades of research done by Dr. Fiker, as well as the high concentration of active substances and their unique combination, the Stem cells line deservedly earned the highest category of skin care treatment – cosmeceuticals.

As time goes by the skin's ability to regenerate is significantly reduced. It’s mainly, because during life the adult stem cells’ activity deteriorates. The skin remains youthful and radiant, while the stem cells are still active. If we can protect those cells and activate again, they will renew the skin for a long time.

The secret of innovation is in the unique combination of peptides and TrioStem3 complex

  • The TrioStem3 Complex is a new innovation in cosmetology, that contains human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract. This biotechnology stem cell complex combines the genetic information necessary for the complete renewal of the skin: activation of stem cells, strengthen the communication between cells and activation of genes to improve skin texture.
  • In order to correct all the skin imperfections, Dr. Fiker in his recipe used intensive anti-wrinkle and regenerating peptides and other ingredients, which specialize in various problems. The skin is transformed and rejuvenated.

The results are visible: wrinkles are smoothed, skin resistance is increased and the skin becomes firm, radiant and rejuvenated.