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The scenario of skin aging

The contemporary society is in common particular about being active all the time; general exhaustion and the signs of aging are not the things we want the others to notice. Our body ages as a unit – the genetically programmed processes lead to organic changes (e.g. atherosclerotic veins), as well as functional changes (e.g. lowered immunity against infections). The skin is an organ on which we can study the process of aging very well. One does not want to submit himself to the natural regularities. For this reason, dermatology, corrective dermatology and cosmetology seek new, safe and widely available methods to slow down the process of aging or even reverse the ongoing changes.

Cosmeceuticals - Kosmeceutika

Changes of the system related to the process of aging which concerns also the skin, are inescapable. Worldwide indexes constantly show that an attractive appearance is perpetually desired. Nowadays, this trend does not only concern women but also men who have accepted this social philosophy. (35 years ago, 75% Italian men showed an interest in this but in England as well as in our country, it was only 14% of men.) It is not only the need for self-satisfaction and enhanced self-confidence in the society but sometimes it is the employer’s demand which evokes the interest in good appearance. Most of the speakers of different organizations and organs are people of youthful appearance, most frequently attractive women. It is therefore reasonable that the interest in appearance can be expressed economically.

Suitable combinations for use

Whether you handle wrinkles, hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration choose the right product for your skin. With the right combination of products Fytofontana Stem Cells you will achieve the maximum possible effect. Do not forget to clean the skin from dirt and make-up twice a day.