The producer

HERB-PHARMA AG company is a manufacturer and supplier of nutraceuticals, cosmetics and medical preparations.

Herb-Pharma AG approaches the global market with a clear conception and vision for the end customer:

“The vision of human health based on natural and biotechnology products.”

The connection between nature and the human health represents a natural evolution of the existence of human civilization, which will play an important role in the enhancement of the general quality of life of the individual in the next decade.  

The history of the company’s foundation traces back to the early 90’s of the last century, from when dates the beginning of its activities in the segment of pharmaceuticals and parafarmaceutical products. The company has gone through a period of rapid and stable growth, thanks to which it now occupies a prominent position in all service areas in the European market with significant trade participation.

Herb-Pharma AG operates its own evolutionary and manufacturing workplaces. A team of scientists, biologists, physicians, pharmacists and chemists participates in the preparation, development and testing of the raw materials and final products.  In order to achieve top quality, maximum efficiency and safety of the products, Herb-Pharma manufactures under strict operating conditions with the help of the most up to date technology.  All Herb-Pharma AG products undergo a number of serious tests: microbiology controls, chemical-physical tests, tests of dermal tolerance, tests of health safety.

Our philosophy:

  • Guarantee quality – we strive to provide you only raw materials of the highest and purest quality available on the worldwide market
  • High safety – we strive to provide you only raw materials which meet the highest industry quality standards, have been clinically tested, and known to be not harmful when processed into final products
  • Natural products – we strive to provide you as many raw materials as possible derived from truly natural sources
  • Innovation – we strive to offer you truly innovative products, ideas and improved methods of production
  • Create values for customers and be ethical - in everything we do, we aim to fulfill our mission to serve our customers, transforming the promise of professional approach into our products