Science / Research

Dr. Fiker, the doctor of science, gained his experience due to long years of research work in Czech Republic and abroad. He was one of the most qualified people in Europe in the evaluation of cosmetic products. The skin aging problem attracted his attention early on, his researches were mainly devoted to this subject. His work is characterized by the spirit of research, innovative thinking and undiminished enthusiasm.

Thanks to Dr. Fiker’s researches, a unique active combination was born, in which the active substances specifically affect skin renewal in a synergistic manner. The secret of innovation is in the unique combination of peptides and TrioStem3 complex.

Dr. Fiker’s work has been influenced by several Nobel Prize awarded scientific discoveries. These include John B. Gurdon and Jamanaka Sinja’s stem cell research, that has been awarded with a Nobel Prize in year 2012 and Stanley Cohen’s Nobel Prize-awarded achievement for the discovery of epidermal growth factor in 1986.